Saturday, July 27, 2013

● What Have I Become? ●

Things have changed. From what I recall, I am so much different than what I am before. It's difficult. I tried to be better but every time, I fail. I don't like what I see in the mirror. So much pain and sadness lurking deep down inside of me. What have I become is product of the past. I thought being hard would be best for me. Indeed I no longer feel the pain of not receiving love in return however, in the long run, I feel that am the one inflicting the pain - which is worse than the later if I may say. This is not the person I would like to be - the arrogant, insensitive, carefree, hurtful, annoying, unloving person. I want to bring back those times where I can be proud of  saying - "I am better!".


  1. What's up? What's with this entry?

  2. Aika the usual downside. haven't been bloggin' for quite a while now. How are you guys doin'? Missin' you guys much. Always keep safe.