Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's quarter to one in the morning and still am wide awake. I don't have a shift tonight. I am a technical support representative working on night shifts and my body is not used to sleep during these hours. I took a cigarette and head out of the house. The night is still and quiet. I lit the cigarette and smoke. 'Am already in a trance when suddenly I heard two loud shots. Hearing the sound of a gun being fired makes my heart skip a beat. Then, three more shots were fired. I jump up from my seat and tried to hide knowing that it's just nearby.

I am worried that the perpetrator might pass my way. I tried to listen as my heart beats faster and faster. My mom was awaken and head out to the door. She bumped the door at me and asked if those were firecrackers. I told her that I am not sure but I am guessing that those were gunshots. My mom asked me to move so she can pass through but I told her not to come out. I asked her to close the door because the light coming from the house may have attract someone who will pass by. Still, silence in the area. I tried to listen as hard as I could and heard someone shouting, crying. I wasn't able to hear the exact words but she is asking if the person that was shot could hear her. And then, another vague silence.

Two medium built men walked pass us from the opposite direction. They were drunk and singing as they pass by. I am waiting and hoping that they will give me a hint of what have happened but it looks like they did not notice. From the opposite direction, another batch of men walking and talking. Again, I have waited hoping that some commotion would arise but again, silence. I am thinking, what on earth could have happened and if those were gunshots, who was killed? Then again, I heard the woman crying.

Finally, some of the neighbors came out of their houses. My mom, feeling that it's now safe to come out, pushed the door towards me. (My, oh, my! My mom with her ever curiosity.) I step aside giving her space to come out of the house. And me being the ever protective being, I asked her not to go near. She ignored me and pushed the gates open. I sashayed to where she is and there half a block lies that man.

The man that was shot and eventually killed was surrounded by very inquisitive people. You can hear them gossip about what have happened. After a while, I heard the siren of the cops' car or mobile. The "SOCO" came to take pictures of the victim as well as the surroundings. Checking every angle hoping that it would give them answers as to why this man is lying on the ground.

I go back to the house having my thoughts of what I saw. I then realize, is this how I am reminded of how life is too short? I contemplate on the thought and it sent me shivers through my spine. I recall how I have encountered death's kin. I was disturbed from thinking when I felt a hand holding mine. It was hers - my love. She hugged me until I doze off to sleep.

Photo from uproxx.com, mymultipleincomes.com

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