Saturday, November 17, 2012


I have read an article - (Sad Love Story) and the questions struck me and made me wonder.

» Do you believe in happy endings?

In the first place, is there such thing as happy ending? If something beautiful such as love or life happened and it ended, would you consider laughing or being joyful? Happy endings only happen in movies and fairy tales. An imaginative thought making us hope that somewhere along between the fiction and reality, there's HAPPINESS even if it ended - how ironic? In this life that we exist, I don't believe in endings not unless you're already with the "creator". Everyday, we wake up. Go through our daily routine. Escape and have pauses. But we don't stop. Our stories don't even end. 

» Why are people always against a sad love story?

The word against is such a strong word. Like would be appropriate perhaps. I think no one would like a sad love story. But no matter how much we unlike the thought, there's no way for us to avoid it. Still, it does exist. 

» Why do they not embrace it as much as when they fall in love?

When falling in love, it gives you so much happiness that sometimes, you could not even describe. It brings butterflies in your stomach and all that. Having these wonderful feelings, there's not much that you can do than to embrace 'em. I may have agreed that most often than not, we do not embrace sad love stories as much as when we fall in love but though, we acknowledge them. 

-"When you learn to accept the GOOD and BAD sides about falling in love, you will no longer have to worry about crossing the path of a sad love story's ending. Because in this way, you have accepted the reality and the possibilities of life that will always be lurking around you anytime".
»Amber L«


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