Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's been months that I haven't written anything worth reading.  Not just because I don't have the time but it's more of  I can't find a good thought.  When you write something, you try to make the words fit just like how you try to put your dress on. We hope to pour our hearts out just like how we do when we try to create a song.  I want to create an inspiration and so I write again.

Let me start by telling you a love story. It all started out when everything is not falling into its right places. It's been hard what to do, when to start, where to go, how to begin, who do we share our life with. We all have plans, don't we? But those questions of what, when, where, how or who, we hardly have an idea. I don't know about you but to me, it's a labyrinth.

Months and months, I have tried avoiding these questions. I'd rather go on and live life as if it is my last. I go out, meet friends, play, eat, watch movies, bond with family, laugh and laugh more. I tried not to be alone because I hate the boredomness. I don't wanna shed tears because " love" had bid farewell. And so, I kept on doing things that make me happy and then - I discover.

I discovered that not relying your happiness to anyone would really make you happy. (Well, happiness comes in different packages, don't they?) But to me, I felt so much happiness. It felt like I have gained strength - the strength to overcome the fear of loss. Now I understand that everything is temporary. And that, we really cannot hold onto something. They said that each person that comes into your life has a purpose. It's either they teach you something, take something from you, or you teaching them something. When their purpose were done, they need to go. As simple as that. Hep.. hep.. I know you would contest. It's not really as simple as how we write things but if you have overcome the situation, you would say that - as simple as that!

So much for the blah.. blah.. and now comes a new beginning. When one door closes, another door will definitely open. If not, a window perhaps. You just have to know the difference. ;) hahaha.. After all those "happy-go-lucky" thingy, we need to go back to reality. We really cannot ignore it. Life works in such a splendid way. (Just like how "love" moves in mysterious ways.) 10 months ago, it all started how I fall in love once again. At first, I deny. I got scared having to go through all the pain once again. I thought I can't bear it if it would happen again and so I ignore. Who could have thought that no matter how we avoid it, as I have mentioned, "love" moves in mysterious ways. hahaha..

Now, the happiness that I have before when am just me was doubled. I can't thank God enough for  blessing me with a wonderful person who accepts me for who I am. Someone who understands me in my craziest, dumbest decisions. My special someone who stays with me through thick and thin. I know it's early to say these things but I have a feeling - I found the SOUL MATE that I have been looking for.

“I’m pretty sure that whoever you want to impress will appreciate you just the way you are.  I know I do.” - le love


I know I have never showed you how much I really love you but, I want you to know that deep in my heart I do. I will never give up and I promise that I will always stick around. Happy 10th Month. Am prayin' to have more than just years with you but until God permits. Thank you so much for everything. You are an angel sent from above. Again, I love you..


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