Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Letter

I was in the deepest moment of thinking if I should have let go of the things that I have come to love. Things aren't always the same as what they were before. Indeed! Time changes everything. But what have come across me is this epistle that was dated a year ago. I was about to let go and make my life seems so much easier than what I thought. I was wrong! It was not easy to let go nor think of letting go.

The letter.. it was a mere realization of the fact that once I have promised. I have promised that no matter what happens, I wouldn't let go. I have exhausted all excuses just to stay and hold on but I guess I was too weak, too tired. I was too eager to escape the predicament of love.

The letter.. full of hope, showed me again the dream that I have tried to achieve. I read it over and over again that the words resound in my head. It echoes to the bottom of my broken heart. Suddenly, unnoticed, tears fell. It made me think, was I the one to blame for a sudden change of heart? or was it the fact that circumstances aren't that easy to evercome.

I was weak, and I know right then and there my heart would suddenly give up. But because of the letter, it made me think twice. It reminded me of the beautiful promise of love. It reminded me that if you have really love someone, there would not be a chance that "ENOUGH" would be enough. At the very weak and tired heart of mine, I have found a reason not to let go.

and that reason would be..



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